The German casinos have not always been doing very well in recent years. The player numbers are strongly dependent on the economic situation, at the same time became with on-line Casinos in the last years an apparently insurmountable competition again clearly more powerful. But the German casinos have obviously survived all of this more or less unscathed. A view of the past year shows in numerous casinos in Germany a positive trend, which was partially already rung in in the year 2017.

Baden-Württemberg cracks the 90 million euro conversion

Unimpressed by possible crises and the competition the casinos in Baden-Wuerttemberg show up already for quite some time. This can also be said for 2018, as the three casinos in Stuttgart, Constance and Baden-Baden were able to increase their turnover by 4.7 percent last year. For the first time, the magic mark of 90 million euros turnover per year was cracked. The development is particularly pleasing because all three stores were already able to record a good increase of around 4.9 percent each in 2017. The current increase is therefore not quite as extreme, but confirms the good trend from 2017.

In particular the Spielbank Stuttgart can be described as enormously successful and was responsible for around 50 percent of sales in Baden-Württemberg in 2018 alone. However, this is by no means an argument against the other two locations. For example, the Baden-Baden offer developed best , where the classic game (Roulette or Blackjack) recorded an increase in sales of over 20 percent. In “hard” figures, sales of the classic game rose from EUR 6.41 million in 2017 to EUR 7.69 million in 2018. Especially nice in all cases: The positive development was once again confirmed. In 2015, casino sales were still at around 78.3 million Euro, in 2016 they increased to 82.1 million Euro and in 2018 to 90 million Euro. Only the visitor numbers declined slightly in 2018 – from 594,000 to 587,256 visitors per year. This corresponds to a minimal decline of 1.1 percent, which can be explained, for example, by a good summer in 2018 and the Football World Cup.

The year 2018 was also positive in Brandenburg from the point of view of the casinos in Brandenburg. There are two locations in Potsdam and Cottbus that still had to struggle with some problems in the first half of 2018. The year developed afterwards however ever better and provided in such a way for the fact that also here a very pleasing annual account could be obtained. Thus the Visitor numbers in Cottbus rose above all within the range of the card play . Pleasing, because also 2017 could be announced with the numbers of visitors already an increase. In Potsdam again the numbers sank somewhat, which has to do according to gaming house above all with the conversion of the Pokerangebot. This was put by the offerer on the days, which are preferred by the guests.

Also with view of the gross play yield the house in Cottbus can be called draught horse in Brandenburg. Here the BSE could be raised within the range of the classical play and automat play, in potsdam a decrease of approximately three per cent is to be registered within these ranges. Both casinos together nevertheless achieved a gross game yield of 8.19 million Euro and were able to increase the result from 2017 by 0.04 million (8.15 million Euro). This is also good news for the federal state of Brandenburg: In 2018, the state was able to collect 2.2 million euros in taxes from the casinos, and the houses have now paid nearly 100 million euros (98.9 million euros) in total to the state of Brandenburg since their establishment.

Bad Kissingen is again in a good mood

The pan shot into the federal state of Bavaria, where you can find nine houses, is always interesting with a view to the casinos. Not all of it provided consistently for positive experiences in the last years, particularly the house in bath Kissingen was considered due to numerous missing amounts in the last years as genuine problem child. However, this seems to be improving, as the gross gaming income in Bad Kissingen increased by almost 21 percent to 5.615 million euros in 2018. An impressive increase, which resulted in a casino levy of almost 1.4 million euros on the Free State of Bavaria. The house in Bad Kissingen is therefore probably not over the hill yet, because in 2017 a deficit of almost 1.8 million euros was generated here. This might have sank thus only clearly in the past year.

Trotz all that is naturally a positive development in bath Kissingen, which is pleased also Bayerns Minister of Finance Albert Füracker. The had recently explained that the gross game yields of all nine casinos in Bavaria had risen together in 2018 around and twelve per cent and one could show a BSE of approximately 72.2 million euro in the past year. The numbers of visitors developed likewise positively according to Füracker.

successes yes, lean back no

The numbers of the gaming houses are quite impressing under the line quite. Straight one also because the competition could register in the Internet in the last years likewise increases and in i their role as Gegenspieler so once again clearly more strongly became in the last years. Exactly that reminds also Otto Wulferding, the managing director of the Baden-Wuerttemberg gaming houses. This explains in a statement: At present not only the good economic situation plays us into the maps. Now also the investments pay themselves out, in order to make our Casinos future-safe. Our guests can play, but also experience more. They meet a play culture in an Unterhaltungswelt, with Roulette and Poker, in addition, with readings, shows and more. There is no such thing on the Internet. We must exist in the competition with on-line Casinos, by offering an increase in value.”

In fact also the reorientation might be responsible for the fact with the own course that the numbers almost everywhere in the Federal Republic developed positively. While the gaming houses were available some years ago exclusively for the play offer, the houses offer meanwhile much more. In addition to the readings and shows mentioned by Wulferding, this also includes, for example, concerts or special theme evenings for female or male guests.