Who looks around in the world of gambling a little, will notice that it is the online casinos that are more and more conquering the market. No miracle, because on-line Casinos opened always and one can take besides the plays at any time comfortably from at home in attack. One such online casino is the Hello Casino. It offers its customers a lot of games from many areas where they can try themselves. The customer plays absolutely surely, because the Casino is equipped equal with two valid licenses, which provide for absolute transparency. Fraud and Abzocke have here thus no chance. The Hello Casino test plunges now a little more deeply into the individual ranges of this offerer.

Our experiences in the overview

Our experiences with the Hello Casino are solid and provide for the fact that one can win quite a positive impression of this offerer. For example there are enough games, which the customer can tackle here. The games come from different areas of the casino scene. Also a live offer is at the start, so that it lacks the customer here at nothing.

However it is not only the offer, which gives the customer here a completely successful play experience. Furthermore there is a great support, an attractive bonus and the possibility to play online. Particularly important is with an on-line Casino naturally always the security. The Hello Casino is equipped with two valid licenses. One of the licenses comes from Curacao, the other from the British Gambling Commission. So the customer does not have to worry about unfair gaming, data theft or money. Apropos money: The offered payment methods fulfill likewise highest requirements.

Hello Casino in the check: Fraud or respectable?

The question about the respectability is omnipresent in the gambling industry. Because whenever money is in the play, the customers have naturally fear of fraudulent meshes on the part of the offerers. They do not have to have this fear however, because in the Hello Casino everything runs off with right things. The already mentioned licenses are part of the proof of security. But there are also other factors that play a role here. So the games themselves are a little finger pointing in the right direction. In the offer are games from very well-known manufacturers like NetEnt and Co. If the Hello Casino would be a dubious provider, these manufacturers would certainly not be here with their games at the start. A similar observation can be made with payment methods. Here you will also find well-known representatives of the industry. They may have to be one nuance more careful than the game manufacturers. Because if a financial service provider is associated with a fraudulent company, this could possibly have very serious consequences and destroy a lot of trust. Basically, however, today’s customers don’t have to worry about gambling anymore. Because nearly all offerers are standardized and regulated, the number of the ?black sheep? tends towards zero. They would not survive anyway long on the market, because lacking respectability speaks itself around and reaches also sooner or later the authorities.


The offer is always one of the most important figureheads of an on-line casino. No miracle, because the more plays it has to offer, the more customers become attentive to the Casino. From therefore it is recommended for a offerer to place as large a program as possible for its customers at the disposal. The Hello Casino succeeds this, because the offerer has not only a quantity of play automats, also on-line Slots mentioned, in the quiver, but also a set of Casino plays. In addition, there is even a live casino where customers can let off steam.


Slots have a tradition that has existed for decades. In real casinos there are even separate areas for slot machines, also called slot games, where the machines are located. And also in on-line Casinos the slot machines boom, because here there are likewise special ranges, in which one can find on-line Slots. For example, there are lots of slots from the well-known and renowned manufacturer NetEnt. Among the slots of this offerer rank for instance Gonzo’s Quest, Guns n’ Roses or the world-famous Starburst. But also slots of other manufacturers like Microgaming, Quickspin or Genesis find place in the offer. Break Away or Tombraider are slots from Microgaming’s forge. True to the motto: “Whoever says A must also say B”, there are of course jackpot games in the slots section. If the lucky goddess Fortuna is a little bit hold on the player here, he can collect a lot of money with these jackpots. Hall of Gods or Mega Fortune are among the best known jackpot games ever.

Card and table games

A casino without classic table and card games? That would be unthinkable! Therefore, it is not surprising that Hello Casino has a whole range of card and table games to offer, with which it captivates its customers. Among the games on offer are Black Jack or Roulette – two of the absolute hits of the casino scene. These games are available in different variations, so that the customer can make the right choice. There are even tables with high or low limits. The games include not only Black Jack or Roulette, but also Poker or Baccarat. Also here in each case several variants of the plays are available and provide for Kurzweil.

Live Casino

Live Casinos are likewise ever more in the coming. They give the customer a unique gaming experience, which one finds in this way almost only in a real casino. Here at Hello Casino the games Black Jack, Roulette and Baccarat are available live. The difference to other games of an online casino: Here are real dealers and croupiers at the start, people of flesh and blood. These provide a completely different level of gambling. The customer is even able to have a chat with the dealer or croupier. Another advantage of a live casino: The player always has every single move of the casino employees in view. In a certain way, this also creates trust, which machines cannot convey. But that doesn’t mean that conventional casino games aren’t safe or serious, because at Hello Casino they are. But of course it ensures a completely different gaming experience if the customer knows that nothing remains hidden during the game.

Bonus for new customers

The bonus for new customers has also become standard in the casino world. The offerers assign it, in order to thank with the customer for the successful registration and in order to operate in this course naturally also customer connection. The bonus can have here different faces. Either it is available as pure money or in the form of free games for online slots. Alternatively, there are also bonus offers that offer both options bundled as one package.

In Hello Casino, the decision has been made for the pure money bonus. New customers receive here on their first deposit 100 per cent. The maximum bonus amount is 100 euros. On the web page of the offerer the customer looks for the details to this offer however in vain. Although there is an area where various bonuses are displayed, the welcome bonus is not included. In addition, there is also a banner that refers to this welcome bonus. As soon as you click on this banner, you will be redirected to the registration form. Interested parties must therefore first contact the service – preferably via live chat – in order to find out details about the bonus performance.

You can’t just have the welcome bonus – or any other bonus – paid out to you as a player right away, either. The bonus is always subject to certain requirements, which must be adhered to. The bonus must be used 25 times in total before it can be treated as normal credit and paid out. It should also be borne in mind that not all games in the extensive range can also be used for sales. While slots are 100 percent valid with a few exceptions, it is possible that card and table games can either not be included at all or only to a significantly lower percentage in the turnover requirements.

Deposit and payout

For example, there is the possibility to fill your gaming account with a conventional bank transfer. Who would like to intervene however immediately into the play happening, looks here first into the tube, because it takes some working-days, until the transferred amount was credited. If it should go faster, also Sofortbanking measures offer themselves. Giropay and Sofortüberweisung would be the methods of payment that could be used. For a successful transaction, however, the customer needs the data from his online banking as well as a valid TAN. Apart from the banking methods, there are also digital purses, so-called e-wallets. Skrill and Neteller are among the most popular service providers in this sector.

In order to be able to use the providers, the customer must have a verified account there. No transactions are possible without this account. The Paysafecard goes another way. This is prepaid credit that the customer can buy in the form of a card in selected shops. These cards are available with different value dates. The customer is now free to choose whether the amount is to be transferred to his gaming account piece by piece or at once. Apropos card: Of course, the credit cards can also be found in the list of possible payment options. The “big two” in the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are accepted here. For all variants, at least ten euros must be deposited into the customer account.

The list of possible payment methods is already much thinner at Hello Casino. Altogether there are only four variants here, with which one can withdraw its assets: by Neteller, Skrill, Visa or bank transfer. A disbursement can be requested starting from an amount of 25 euro.

Security and regulation

A very central topic, if it concerns the investigation of an on-line Casino. This might not surprise the customer or in addition, prospective customers, because an on-line Casino, in which it does not approach with right things, is absolutely unacceptable and would probably also not survive for a long time on the market. However, the Hello Casino test shows that as a customer, you don’t have to worry, because there are no rip-offs and cheats. The provider has two valid licenses. One license is issued by the British Gambling Commission, the other license comes from the responsible authorities in Curacao. Why two licenses? Well, not all games in the offer are covered by a single license. Therefore, the provider starts with two licenses.

You don’t get either one or the other license for free. You have to do something for it. For example, security must be guaranteed. In concrete terms, this means the security of customer data as well as possible bank data. If the customer registers or logs in, he reveals important data, also when entering bank data. During input, the data must of course be optimally and perfectly encrypted so that it cannot be skimmed off and misused by cyber criminals. If a provider does not meet this requirement, he will certainly not receive a license. The same threatens him even if he does not observe the rules of fair play. Every casino player knows that there is a house advantage to beat in many games. However, the games must never exceed the house advantage. Software that works like a random number generator takes over the task of ensuring fair and clean game play. This is a point where online casinos take a close look. If the provider is also rather sloppy here, there is no license.

Support and customer service

The support is an important element. Because if there should be problems for the player, he must be able to be sure of good support. What this support looks like differs from provider to provider. Here the support is top, there is nothing to complain about. For example, there are several ways to reach the service for the customer. The contact can take place for instance by telephone. But also a contact by mail is possible. The provider advertises with the statement that many inquiries are answered by mail within one hour. However, depending on the inquiry, it can take up to 24 hours. A further contact possibility exists in the Live Chat. This is not available in German language, so that one should have at least basic knowledge of the English language, in order to come to success. In and of itself the Live Chat is a very good possibility to clarify questions or problems fast. There is also a FAQ area here. Questions can be answered there before contacting the service. If you want to stay in contact with the casino elsewhere, you can use the social networks. Among other things Facebook and Twitter are available.

User friendliness of the web page

The web page is pleasantly conceived. Above all the game selection knows to please, because the customer finds very fast to the desired slots and Co. Beyond that one can search even directly for manufacturers. For fans of games of a certain manufacturer a like painted function. And also otherwise the side is easy to navigate and can be classified as user-friendly. Nevertheless, there is one criticism: One could have given the customer easier access to the information on the welcome bonus.

Mobile App

Mobile gaming has advantages. For example, you are not permanently dependent on your desktop PC or laptop. The good news: Mobile gaming is possible at Hello Casino. However there is in contrast to the competition, for this no separate App, which the customer can download, but a mobile side. However, the customer first gets the feeling that he can download apps for iOS or Android, because at the bottom of the page are the two logos of the operating systems. A click on these symbols, however, leads to emptiness. This is different if you open the page in the browser of your mobile device. iOS users even get the message that they can add a link to the home screen. The mobile site even has advantages over an app. The customer doesn’t have to download anything and doesn’t have to worry about updates. In addition, the mobile site is designed for several operating systems. So it doesn’t matter whether you have an iOS or Android device.

Result: Top providers with a huge selection

Our experiences paint an absolutely positive picture of this online casino. That begins equal with the offer at plays. There are a lot of slots as well as classic casino games and even a live offer. Beyond that the offerer can shine equal with two valid licenses, so that Abzocke and fraud a thick bar is pushed forward. Mobile gaming is also possible here – even without an app. A mobile site offers a corresponding offer. The bonus is standard, the deposit and withdrawal methods are very well explained and available in sufficient numbers. The support is also impressive. Telephone contact, live chat, e-mail, FAQ area – everything available. So you can give the Hello Casino a positive testimonial.