Not only social media, but also social trading belongs to the trends of society. There are numerous web portals such as ayondo or wikifolio where traders share their knowledge and strategy with like-minded people. Who is interested in trading, finds here many tips and naturally also Top lists, in which the best Trades are shown.

Numerous Social Trading offerers are supported by large banks and finance companies and grew clearly in the past months. The number of users and followers who are enthusiastic about the trading strategies is strongly increased.

The provider wikifolio is one of the most popular in the industry and was launched in 2012. It has its seat in Vienna in Austria and nearly half a billion euro was invested in the Wikifolios in the meantime by investors. It is predominantly private investors who buy the corresponding certificates. Wikifolio now has over 3,600 certificates that can be used.

eToro was founded more than 9 years ago in Israel and has over 4 million users. Also in Germany the enterprise eToro would like to expand ever further – exactly so it is with the enterprise ZuluTrade the case. The platform is likewise not only in Germany (e.g. Frankfurt) but also in many other European and international large cities such as Tokyo represented. In social trading, users publish their strategy on the platforms, so that followers can adopt it and can also follow the same trading strategy automatically in part.