CS:GO is undoubtedly a great game and not only makes a big impression with the game principle but also with the graphic design. At the same time, however, the regular limits of the game are quickly reached, especially around the weapons. In this case the players use additional skins to breathe new life into the whole game. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money for these updates, you can use the CS:GO casinos. A possible contact point is the CS:GO Empire, where a kind of roulette is provided for the customers. What it has with the offer in the detail on itself and whether here on a respectable offerer to be fallen back can be, we explain in the following now once in detail.

Our experiences in the overview

Miterweile gibt es zahlreiche verschiedenen Arten von CS:GO Casinos. Not in all cases also actually plays are offered, so that CS:Go Empire accepts quite a small special role in this regard. Here a kind of roulette is available, where the players have to choose between three different symbols. The stakes can be set according to your wishes and end with a win in the best case. The winnings can be used in the provider’s shop, where countless skins are available for CS:GO. If it runs thus once correctly round, can be bagged row by row mad Skins as snapper .

CS:GO Empire in the check: Fraud or respectable

After our experiences with CS:GO Empire it is not different in a CS:GO Casino than also with a completely classical on-line Casino, so that the respectability plays naturally a superordinate role. To know very reassuringly it is there that CS:GO Empire is already active for several years very successfully at the market. Beyond that a large clientele is present, which speaks naturally always for a qualitatively high-quality and respectable offerer. In addition, it can be mentioned that the roulette games are Provably Fair. That means thus that here also really the coincidence decides on the process of the round and all customers can proceed in such a way from a fair treatment.

The offer in the overview

Who would like to use the offer of the casino, which must register itself after our experiences first of all and furnish its user account. This step is uncomplicated and can be done directly via Steam. Once registered, users have a complete overview of all components of the portfolio in front of them and can choose between any of the individual categories. The roulette game is, of course, located behind the “Roulette” button, whereby the game is also on the start page at the same time. Three different symbols with different values are offered here. For one two symbols the players receive twice the bet, for the third symbol there is even 14 times the bet back. Of course, it is clear that the most valuable symbol is much rarer in the game than the other two symbols. Users can now start their own bets with a value of 0.01 coins. If your own symbol then appears at the end of the game round, you will receive the corresponding prize.

The prize and your own balance on the player account can then be used again in the shop of the provider to purchase different skins. For a better overview different filter functions are offered, with which the skins can be sorted according to price or quality. Practical: An overview of the selected skins can be found on the right side of the screen at any time. According to our experience with CS:GO Empire, it is also possible to integrate your own skins into the offer. If these are uploaded, the offerer rewards this with a certain number at coins, which is indicated before naturally.

Deposit: Trouble Free Deposit to Participate

For Deposit to Account, Players can choose between different variations. Whether fees are charged for this or what else needs to be taken into account in connection with the transactions is indicated by the provider before the respective deposit is made. To call up the deposit area, simply use the list symbol at the top right of the screen in the lobby. After a further click on “Deposit”, the users immediately land in the deposit area and can initiate all further steps. If a skin is to be uploaded again, the button “Deposit Skins” must be used, which can be found in the shop overview at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Security and regulation: A fair game can be guaranteed

For security and correctness during the game, the Provably Fair, which is used according to our experience with CS:GO Empire, ensures. As some players may already know from the name, this is a proof for the correct game. This is based on mathematical principles and thus ensures that CS:GO Empire can enter the game in a serious and completely unbiased manner. For all players this protection means above all that there are always fair playing conditions and a fraud on the part of the provider can be excluded. At the same time, the enormous clientele of the provider speaks in favor of this, because several thousand players are usually active at the same time around the clock. Who would like itself to umhören here with the other players, that can besides completely comfortably over the Chat settle and receives all important information and details within seconds. Bottom line can be said thus beyond doubt that a CS: GO Empire fraud can be excluded and the offerer within all ranges seriously occurs.

Support and customer service: Ticket system takes over the work

A customer support is likewise made available with the offerer. However, employees cannot be reached by e-mail, telephone or live chat, but only via a ticket system. This is filled out in the support area and then answered by the provider at times. It is important to note that tickets are only answered in English. In addition, it should of course be considered that a certain waiting time for the reply to the tickets is due. The function “Check Ticket Status” is helpful, because with it every player can always see exactly how far the customer support is with the answer of his ticket.

User friendliness: Without any problems it is possible to navigate

All essential things happen on the homepage of the provider, which is why the control here is very easy. Beyond that the Casino deals in addition, with all further ranges of the Portfolios transparent and makes these available when desired immediately. The overview is steered essentially by the list symbol, which is to be found in the upper right range of the web page. All in all the homepage is also not really far-reaching, so that already few minutes are enough for a complete check. Plus point: Owing to a black background different aspects and ranges can be set always separately in scene and are thus immediately apparent for the players to different aspects and ranges.

Fazit: Deposit, thumb press and have fun

Who stands on CS: GO and Roulette, the CS: GO Empire will love. The offerer decided for the most classical of all gambling and sets up hereby a very interesting framework. All users can recharge their own player account without any problems and according to our CS:GO Empire experience also participate immediately in the game. Since the game is Provably Fair, nobody has to worry about the correctness. The fact that CS:GO Empire works seriously is instead ensured by this control. In addition, the entertainment is on a high level, after all, entertaining conversations also develop between the players. All in all this Casino scores in our test report, so that we can recommend each player a registration only warmly – this is besides fast settled and can be completed completely relaxed over Steam.